Saturday, April 19, 2008


A flat grinding stone called Ammi and Kuzhavi in a house in Bamabalapitty.It is made of granite.Ammi and Kuzhavi is a common kitchen gadget of every Tamil household in Sri Lanka. It's used to grind sambols, chutneys and curry pastes.

Ammi plays an impoartant role in the rituals of a Hindu marriage, which is known as Ammi Mithiththal. The bride and bridegroom go around the sacred fire seven times known as Sapthapathi, after tying the Thaali. Then the bridegroom takes hold of the right foot of the bride and makes her take seven consecutive steps, and places the foot of the bride on the Ammi, and wears a silver ring called Minji on her second toe. The same steps are followed to wear a Minji on the left foot of the bride.It indicates she be as strong and steadfast as the stone in the face of adversity. Afterwards the couple looks at the twin star Arunthathy which represents the ideal of a married life or Thampaththya Uravu.