Thursday, July 13, 2006

Aadi Pirappu

According to the Tamil calendar, Aadi is the fourth month of the year. The first day of this month, usually falling on July 16-17, is celebrated as Aadi Pandigai or Aadi Pirappu, which is an important festival to most Tamils, especially newly-weds. The Aagamas and the Vedas ascribe no special significance to the day and so it is seen and celebrated more as a traditional festival.

Aadi is also a sacred month. The birth of Aadi itself known as Aadi Pirappu, is important and on that day special food is prepared to herald the month - the aadi kool, a porridge which is served to all who may call on that day. Together with this, Aadi Sevvaai, the Tuesdays in the month of Aadi, Aadi Puram, the Puram asterism in the month of Aadi and Aadi Amaavaasai, the Amaavaasai day in the month of Aadi, are all important days. Despite all these important days, the month of Aadi is considered an inauspicious month for occasions like weddings, housewarming ceremonies etc. [Aadi Pirappukku nallai viduthalai, Poem by Navaliyur Somasunthara Pulavar]